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The Laurel Collection
by Caesars Palace


About The Laurel Collection by Caesars Palace

There are Las Vegas hotel rooms, and then there is the unmatched level of elegance and luxury hotel connoisseurs demand – which is exactly what awaits inside the spectacular rooms of the Caesars Palace Laurel Collection. Beyond just routinely spectacular, here await everyday experiences, elevated, with exclusive amenities and an attentive staff ready to provide individualized, expedited service whenever you need it.

Combining the spectacular accommodations of the Augustus and Octavius Towers, The Laurel Collection is focused on providing unique, personal touches. Nestled in a private corridor at Caesars Palace, guests will enjoy a private valet entrance, an exclusive hotel registration and direct access to the sprawling Garden of the Gods pool oasis. An award-winning spa retreat, a luxurious salon, three intimate wedding chapels and two renowned restaurants can be found as part of The Laurel Collection, along with retail shops and a Starbucks:

  • Qua Baths & Spa at Caesars Palace
  • Color – A Salon by Michael Boychuc
  • Restaurant Guy Savoy
  • Central Michel Richard